About B.ed course

B.ED course refers to a bachelor of education. From recent times B.ED courses are quite popular among Indian students. B.ED colleges in Delhi is a Short course which takes only 2 years to be completed. B.ED colleges in Delhi have four semesters which is to pass in 2 years of time. B.ED courses are mainly for students who want to be in teaching career hence they choose different B.ED courses. B.ed institutes in Delhi offers enrollment for two years of B.ed courses which you can study as correspondence or as distant learning. The short B.ED course duration makes it even more attractive for the students as it does not take very long to finish and start looking for jobs. In last few years Indian government has made B.ED courses compulsory for those who opt for teaching in private school or in government schools.

Every form of B.ED courses gives you opportunities in both private and public sector jobs. B.ED admission in the B.ED institutes of Delhi is an extremely easy process. B.ED courses eligibility only requires you to be completed your schooling with certain minimum marks. There are numerous B.ed colleges in Delhi offering easy B.ed courses at a reasonable fee. B.ed courses have been very useful for last few years, many institutions have made B.ed courses compulsory for jobs. B.ed course in distance education also has same value as the direct deposit B.ed courses. B.ed courses can be chosen by the student from any stream be it arts, science or any subject else. In the B.ed courses gives student knowledge about numerous subjects like history, language, biology, chemistry, physics and many more.

There are many B.Ed coaching centers in Delhi which help students with the studies and syllabus of the course. This course does not need much for eligibility hence can be chosen by anyone from any field. B.ed course details can be obtained from our website and can be read through. You can do your B.ed from MDU and get opportunities for jobs in different sectors. Many job sectors have eligibility criteria according to which the job applicants are compelled to have B.ed degree. There is also a salary gap between the people who've done B.ed courses and of those who've not done it yet.

There are many B.ed colleges in Noida where you can take in your further studies. B.ed admission in Delhi colleges takes place every year. With only 2 year span for entire B.ed course, you can easily do it side by side with your other studies. After B.ed you have enough opportunities for the rest of your life that you can get a job anytime in any good school in private sector and even in public sector. Easier than many other courses this course give you more opportunities for jobs than many other career choices hence don't even think twice before choosing B.ed as your mainstream course for a career.


About B.Ed College

B.Ed College have been counseling students for over six years now and have experience of dealing with every kind of student. Courses such as B.ed courses are beneficial for students in multiple ways and hence we would always like to recommend students to at least think about pursuing B.ed courses. B.ed courses open multiple career choices for students and have many benefits for every student who wants to do the job in public sector. We at B.Ed College try our best to help the organization related to education and the students to achieve their respective goals. B.Ed College servers as one of the best student consultant when it comes to any kind of B.ed courses. There are numerous B.ed colleges in Delhi which are affiliated to good universities and offer good education and comparatively lower charges.

B.Ed College help in multiple courses such as undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. Along with B.ed courses, there are D.ed, BA.LLB, LLB, JBT, MBA and much more. We discuss all the career options and their pros and cons making it clearer for the students to choose wisely from all the confusing career options. We share relevant information that we possess about the B.ed courses and give proper guidance to students in need. We always advise the students who want to be in the teaching profession to pursue B.ed courses. We have specific teams working for consulting all the students who want to get a good education.

B.Ed Admission process

B.ed admission is an extremely easy process in which you only have to obtain minimum 50 percent marks in your 12th exams and nothing else. Admission through online websites of different colleges. You just need to scan the basic documents required for admissions such as mark sheets of 12th and 10th standard, and any of your personal document telling your identity and your address. B.ed admission can be taken directly with the help of our B.Ed College in Laxmi Nagar. Now the admission for B.ed courses 2018-2020 is open for many colleges now.

b.ed Course duration

B.ed courses duration is very short which makes it easier for people to opt for B.ed courses.

B.ed courses take complete two years to get completed, with four semesters. With multiple subjects and practical and theories, B.ed courses are easy to study. B.ed institute in Delhi gives perfect guidance for career choices and college choices which makes it easy for you to pursue their dreams without any problem or confusion. All the B.ed courses in Delhi have same as of time period that is 2 years and four semesters.

b.ed course fees

B.ed course fees vary from college to college and go from one lakh to over two lakhs. Many reputed colleges governed by government charge very limited fees for B.ed courses in Delhi. The fees start from 9000 per year up to 60000 per year. You can also get scholarships in few colleges on the basis of your merit or on the basis of your financial health conditions and even on the basis of your caste and Creed. Mostly the colleges offering B.ed courses in Delhi are run by the government which makes it, even more, cheaper to study in a good and reputed college at lower fee patterns. Talk to our representatives for further details.

B.ed colleges in delhi

There are numerous B.ed colleges in Delhi which provide courses relating to B.ed, MDU, Kurukshetra and Chaudhary Ranbir Singh. These colleges have different programmes for B.ed courses, as a direct course, distant education and many more forms. All these colleges offer multiple B.ed courses. Delhi has been the center for education forever decades now which makes it easy to understand that B.ed colleges in Delhi are the best.



MDU colleges have been serving as one of the most demanded B.ed colleges in Delhi hence we can say that all the colleges affiliated from MDU will give you good results in comparison with all other colleges which makes fake promises. MDU has multiple colleges in Delhi offering multiple courses related to B.ed courses.

Kurukshetra has been in the education sector all the way from the year 1956 and has many colleges in Delhi which offer B.Ed courses along with other courses. We always advise the students who want to study B.ed courses to take admission in such colleges with a good reputation and best faculties for students. In this college, you'll learn about all the subjects prescribed in the B.ed syllabus be it the practical subjects or the theoretical subjects.


Kurukshetra University


Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University

Chaudhary Ranbir Singh is almost a synonym of quality education for postgraduate courses. Chaudhary Ranbir Singh is one of the latest colleges in Delhi which if providing all kind of postgraduate courses relating to the teaching sector.

B.Ed College have given their students advice to choose from all these colleges that we tell them to choose from.



B.ED course refers to a bachelor of education. From recent times B.ED courses are quite popular among Indian students.


D.ed courses have been one of the best courses for students who want to pursue teaching as their main career.



M.ed courses have been one of the best courses for students who want to pursue teaching as their main career.

B.ED Admission Open (2018-2020)